As a full service solutions provider, AIPL has the competency & a talented workforce to deliver value to its clients for their varied needs: Anti Corrosion Treatment of Coils, Periodic Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) checks, Annual Testing & Balancing (TAB) exercise to ensure smooth functioning of HVAC system throughout the year.

Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS)

These services are offered as a prior defence mechanism to avoid untimely breakdowns of the HVAC systems. The PMS includes physical inspection of the air-conditioning system along with its integral parts like compressors, condenser/evaporators, electrical components etc. These services ensure healthy condition of the system & are provided based on usage of equipments and more importantly the environment in which it operates.

Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts (CAMC)

We undertake Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC) of all types of equipments like splits, VRV & ancillary Equipment of chilled water system such as AHU, HRW, Pumps, Cooling towers, VAVs, VFD’s and Fans. These services include on call attendance of complaints as well as replacement of all major parts as per Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Operational & Maintenance Contracts (O&M)

The O&M contracts include on-site deployment of trained & fully compliant technicians for routine operations of all HVAC equipments. Apart from start/stop of system, the operation includes regular measurements, recording & analysis of critical parameters of the system. The analysis helps further in carrying out pre-emptive action to ensure uninterrupted operations of the system.

Value Added Service

Apart from routine maintenance services, Value Added Services forms a major part of our service offerings. The ability to provide contemporary value added services help us offer “end to end, one stop solutions” to our esteemed clients.

Duct Cleaning

Cleanliness of Duct plays a crucial role in determining the quality of air being circulated in the Air Conditioned Space. A contaminated Duct is one of the major source of pollutants and also acts as the carrier for contaminated air. Periodically cleaned duct work ensures healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & is a measure contributor to the employee productivity.

Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB)

Testing, Adjusting and Balancing is a value added service deployed to ensure that the system performs according to the design parameters. Calibrated tools & instruments are used to measure parameters like precise air volume, its temperature & humidity. These parameters are then compared with design parameters and appropriate steps taken to ensure optimum performance of system.

Chemical Dosing

Over a period of time, the chilled water system develops biological growth, corrosion & scale build up due to fouling of heat exchangers. These adversely impact the efficiency of the system resulting into breakdowns & also higher power bills. Periodic cleaning of heat exchangers along with chemical cleaning of piping system is highly recommended. This cleaning helps in slowing down corrosion & bio-logical growth to a large extent thereby increasing the efficiency of the system.

Anti Corrosive Coating

Air conditioning equipment installed in Coastal Region like Mumbai are prone to massive corrosion with lot of salt in the air. Anti-corrosive treatment can help retard the corrosion which in turn reduces power consumption and also enhances life of the equipment.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Today Indoor Air Quality is an important subject being discussed across industry forums. With large working population spending more than ten hours in indoor environment, it has become imperative that the air we breathe, is of right quality especially in term of oxygen content. We measure IAQ of indoor environment and suggest ways & means to enhance it to make the place more habitable.